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Your website needs to be effective, but you can't afford big-agency prices and bloated solutions.

How are you going to scale your online presence? Your business is not improving even with your hard work. If you want real, measurable results but aren't sure how to get them, we'll help you to create a digital presence that isn't just impressive, but also sustainable.

We're here to help you advertise your products and services, grow your business and create a unique brand to stand out from the crowd.

Creating a Digital Presence that Increases Visitors & Scale Your Business with our Simply Effective Digital marketing strategies.

Meet Anand Venugopal

Anand Venugopal is the epitome of an entrepreneur. Having built two successful businesses from the ground up, he understands that results-driven marketing is an essential competitive differentiator.

A desire to utilize his strategic business and marketing insights in order to help companies thrive, led Anand to start StepOn Digital. When not working, Anand enjoys spending quality time with his wife and son.


Boost your online business growth with StepOn Digital

StepOn Digital is a full-service digital marketing agency offering Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Content Writing, Web Design & Development to grow your business effectively.

Winning Mindset

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Expert Guidance

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Focused Strategy

We create custom digital strategies for maximizing organic & paid visibility

Increase Profit

We use proven, digital marketing strategies to help accelerate your business.


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How do we help You achieve success?

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Tailored Strategies Based on Research

We believe that each client is different, like snowflakes. So, we take the time to get to know you, learn about your business, and understand exactly what makes you tick. Then we build a tailored strategy around it to fulfill your unique requirements. No uninformed cookie-cutter solutions here!

We Deliver Results, Not Servies

At StepOn Digital we don't want your business to be wrapped up in a list of services. We know you are here for something better than that! Instead, tell us the goals and aspirations of your business and watch us make you realize it using our expertise.

Solid Return on Investment

Anyone can spend $100 on Facebook ads to get a $5 lead. But it takes an expert to generate $1000 worth of leads with that $100. We are that set of wizards who can make this happen and the secret behind our magic is sophisticated research and creativity.

Our Clients Stick With Us... for Years

Within a few months of association, our clients see us as a part of their team as we take up their goals as ours. This has led to amazing long-term engagements!

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Proven Coaching for Online Business Consultants

Consult and Make Strategies for

Program Details

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Assessments of your business top to bottom and detailed business strategy

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Private coaching sessions with Kate

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Measuring KPI’s on a single dashboard

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Streamline systems and processes

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What my client says

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John Murphy

Founder & Consultant at Leon International

Stepon Digital has been a game changer for my business. The team took the time to really learn about my brand and help me create a vision for my business that is taking it to the next level. What they produce is 100% on point with my message and my brand. I can not recommend them enough! If you need help building your brand, look no further.
Julia Keys
Without doubt I would recommend Anand for ANY projects where web development is required. I have used Anand on various projects from templated documents to fully bespoke PSD to WordPress sites, and I have gotten to know him as a highly skilled and passionate Web Project Manager. In his work with us recently his team pixel perfectly coded our website, from our designers PSD render to the beautiful website we have today. No job is too small for Anand and his contributions have been absolutely invaluable, and similar tasks with previous developers were often laborious and duplicated in comparison to the way in which he runs a project to delivery. Ananad is especially passionate about your company’s mission and his goal is to deliver a website that portrays that. We will continue to work with Anand on our projects. Highly recommended
Julia Keys
CEO & Founder
Anand and his team has far exceeded our expectations and have helped our website gain the traction it has needed for years now. Easy to work with and very responsive. They meet all of our expectations and had a lot of insight regarding marketing tools we didn’t know existed. It is a distinct pleasure for us to recommend Anand and StepOn Digital to any and all interested parties. They have been professional, comprehensive and competent throughout the process of our working together. A true professional team that delivers exceptionally well. Bravo.
Angela Hayes
Marketing Manager
“Anand is a very genuine, hardworking and capable guy with a good communication style. He was a great help in designing a corporate logo and delivering for me an excellent website that achieved all of my objectives, both aesthetically and functionally. He also showed patience and the right level of tenacity when he was waiting for me to provide him with information to complete the project. I would definitely recommend his services.”
Jonathan Gate
Product Director
Anand is Amazing! His work is detailed and superb at fraction of the regular developer cost! I highly recommend his web services and advertising!
Sergio Jota
Lead Manager
Stepon Digital has been really good for my business in terms of website development and digital marketing. Anand is very professional and understands the customer very well. Would definitely recommend the team and their services
Julia Keys
Founder & Owner

Boost your online business growth with Growth Expert

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